Release Log

We always strive to provide the best rank tracking experience in the world. For us, that means delivering fast and accurate results. We put a lot of effort into building software that does just that. On top of that, we love delivering tools that help you create and produce exceptional SEO results. Below are just a few of the recent new features and changes made to AccuRanker.

2024-07-17New Functionality

New SERP Feature: Ads In-Between Organic Results

We are now tracking ads in-between organic results as a SERP feature in the AccuRanker platform. This update enhances your ability to monitor and analyze ads that appear within organic search results. This allows users to gain insight into how paid ads are integrated into search results, providing a comprehensive view of both organic and paid search visibility.

This should help you refine your SEO strategy by understanding the interplay between ads and organic listings.

For a detailed overview and examples, check out this article by Barry Schwartz, which discusses Google's recent experiments with ad placement within search results.

2024-07-12Major Release

Introducing Workspaces

AccuRanker has launched AccuRanker Workspaces and Advanced User Management, aimed at improving user access control for large organizations. This upgrade allows administrators to efficiently manage permissions, ensuring users only access relevant groups and domains. The focus is on enhancing security and usability, streamlining rank-tracking processes while maintaining strict access controls.

2024-07-03New Functionality

Filter Keyword Option Ignored Domain

It is now possible to filter by ignored domains with the keyword option filter.

2024-07-01New Functionality

Update to SERP Analysis tab

The SERP Features tab now displays all features on the SERP, not just those you own. We've also added a toggle to switch between viewing the history of owned features and the total feature count.

2024-06-14New Functionality

Table headers

Table headers have been updated with new styling and a menu for quickly sorting data or adding filters. Access the menu by clicking anywhere on the table header.

2024-05-16New Functionality

Tag Redesign

Dynamic and static tags has been redesigned, featuring new visuals and enhanced functionality. You can now easily add tags as filters, edit dynamic tags & remove static tags within the Keyword Table.

2024-04-24Major Release

Customize your dashboard

We’ve added new customization features for the dashboard, allowing quick rearrangement the layout by simply dragging and dropping. Easily add or remove widgets to tailor the dashboard to your needs.

Learn more here.

2024-03-20New Functionality

Above the Fold icon has been moved

The "Above the Fold" icon, which was previously found in the "Rank" column is not instead found in the "Pixels from Top" column.

2024-03-11Performance Improvement

Improvements to quality of Keyword Discovery keywords

We've applied a set of rules to ensure that multiple variants of the same words are far less common. For instance, we might before have shown all these four variants when going to Keyword Discovery for Adidas: "adidas samba shoes", "adidas sambas shoes", "adidas samba shoe", "adidas samba shoes". With the new rules, we only show one variant in such cases.

2024-03-11New Functionality

AI Share of Voice and sorting on Home screen

Added the possibility to see AI Share of Voice (SoV) on the home screen. In addition, made it possible to sort your domains by change in rank, AI SoV or SoV.

2024-03-07New Functionality

SERP Feature update - Shopping

We're excited for our latest update, bringing extensive support for a range of Google SERP features specifically tailored to enhance the shopping experience, particularly on Google's mobile SERP. This update supports:

Stores: Discover items available in online stores, prominently displayed at the top of your search results. This feature integrates online store listings into regular organic positions. You can now rank on these just as regular organic results.

Popular Stores: Quickly navigate to popular retail brands and stores relevant to your search query. This feature provides quick links to the brand's website or specific products, presented in a battle card-style at the top of the SERP. You can now rank on these just as regular organic results.

Image Product Pack: This specialized feature displays a series of product images from a specific site, including price and availability, directly in the SERP. Clicking on an image opens a larger view with more information and options to visit the product page. We can tell if you own one of these cards if you have added the corresponding My Google Business name.

Shop the Look and Popular Styles: Dive into fashion and home decor with curated outfits and room looks matching your search query. This feature provides inspiration and facilitates the discovery of products that match the user's aesthetic preferences. We can tell if you own one of these items for sale if you have added the corresponding My Google Business name.

Rich Product Info: Get detailed product information right in your search results. This includes price, availability, product reviews, ratings, and descriptions, along with images pulled from multiple sites to facilitate at-a-glance comparison shopping. This feature is an enhancement to the organic result, we will track whether you own it and/or it resides on another SERP result.

Google's Filter Menu: Refine your search results with ease using specific filters such as date, price range, color, and type of content. This feature is now accessible for shopping, news, and image searches on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Forum Posts and Discussions: Gain community insight with aggregated forum posts and discussions relevant to your search query. Each entry includes the thread title, a snippet, and the source website, allowing users to explore community-driven advice, opinions, and solutions. If the post is on a forum on your site, we will track it for you.

2024-03-06New Functionality

RegEx in filters and dynamic tags

We are excited to introduce the possiblity to use Regular Expressions (RegEx) in dynamic tags and the Keyword and URL filter.

Learn more about how to RegEx in AccuRanker here.

2024-02-23New Functionality

Date Picker Enhancement

The date picker has been redesigned for enhanced accessibility and efficiency in modifying date comparison ranges. You can find the picker in the top right corner.

2024-02-23New Functionality

Improved Column Customization

The "Table settings" features has been renamed to "Configure columns" and now includes new functionality for custom column ordering in the keyword table. Furthermore, table view modes have been relocated for improved accessibility.

2024-02-21New Functionality

Improvements to Google Search Console integration

Enhancements to our Google Search Console integration now allow for the import of up to 1 million keywords, a significant increase from the previous limit of 5,000. Furthermore, we've introduced two new columns: "position" and "ctr", showcasing the average values from GSC over the most recent 30-day period.

To utilize the updated GSC integration, navigate to the "Add keywords" window and press "Import from Google Search Console".

2024-02-14New Functionality

Live counts when filtering

We've significantly enhanced several of our filters, now allowing you to view the count of keywords included within the filter in real-time as you enter the filter.

2024-02-09New Functionality

Top competitor filter

We've introduced a new filter to show only keywords where a specific domain is at rank 1.

2024-01-31New Functionality

AI Winners / Losers

We've introduced the "Top AI Winners/Losers" box on the domain overview. This shows how many keywords increased/decreased their rank, and what the effect on AI SoV are for these keywords. In addition, it gives a quick view of the keywords, filtered to see either Winners or Losers. Note: This functionality already existed for regular SoV.

2024-01-30New Functionality

Alphabet filter

We've introduced a new filter to show only keywords using a specific alphabet, e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic or Latin.

2024-01-30New Functionality

Introducing Local Pack Rank

AccuRanker has unveiled a new metric called "Local Pack Rank." This metric reflects your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when all results, except for local listings such as those on Google Maps, are excluded. It is important to note that this metric is relevant only for SERPs that include local results.

2024-01-23Performance Improvement

Major improvements in Keyword Research keywords

We've cleaned up our database to ensure a higher quality of keywords in Keyword Research. Previously, you might have found several spellings of the same word - this should be much less common now.

2023-12-12Major Release

Visual update

Major visual update across the app. While this update does not introduce new functionality, its primary aim is to enhance the overall user experience within AccuRanker. It aims to improve usability and give better visual consistency.

The most noticeable change is the introduction of a new sidebar menu, which replaces both the previous top and sidebar menus, along with several horizontal tabs in various locations.

You can learn more about how to navigate around in AccuRanker in this small help guide.

2023-10-29Major Release

Introducing Ignored Domains, Max Rank, Max AI SoV and much more!

We’ve released a big update to AccuRanker with a lot of new exciting metrics.

The new features include

  • Ignore domains
  • Max Rank
  • Base Rank
  • Pixels from top
  • Top domain
  • Configurable KPIs
  • Max AI Share of Voice
  • Max Share of Voice
  • Max AI Traffic Value
  • Max Traffic Value
  • AI Traffic Value

Learn more in our recent blog post and from our new help guide

2023-10-19New Functionality

Added "System notes" to charts

When Google makes a large update that can impact your data, you will from now on see a small note in all graphs with an explanation of what happened.

2023-10-17Bug Fix

Fixed issue with hanging tooltips

Some users reported an issue where their tooltips would not disappear after you stopped hovering the relevant item on the page. This should now be fixed!

2023-09-04Performance Improvement

Improved application performance

We've released an update to our application which has made it faster! You will for instance notice this when switching between different tabs in the application. This will be especially noticeable if you're running AccuRanker on a low end device.

2023-08-29Performance Improvement

Improved domain select components with 1000+ domains

Previously, the domains table and the domains selector (next to the groups selector) could become slow if you had more than 1000 domains on your account. This is no longer the case!

2023-08-16Bug Fix

Better user experience when adding or refreshing keywords

When adding keywords or refreshing a domain, the overview on the corresponding domain will now automatically update the numbers once the update is complete. Previously, this would require a refresh of the page.

2023-08-09Customer Input

Updated notification system

The design and behavior of our in-app notifications has been updated to be easier readable and less intrusive.

2023-08-09New Functionality

Track the progress when adding/refreshing keywords

When adding keywords or refreshing an entire domain, you can now follow the progress - even when leaving the domain! This also utilizes the updated notification system.

2023-08-04New Functionality

Improvements to folder management in Tag Cloud

The folder editing and management experience should now be a much smoother experience! Especially for domains with a large amount of tags and folders.

2023-07-05New Functionality

API landing page endpoint now includes Google Analytics 4

If you have your Google Analytics 4 account connected to AccuRanker, you can pull analytics data related to your landing page(s). See the API documentation for details. The GA4 API object is in beta and therefore the available fields are subject to change. Please contact our support if you have any questions or suggestions for metrics/fields that should be available.

2023-06-27Customer Input

Multiple versions of the same filter

It is now possible to have multiple versions of the same filter!

For instance, you can now filter on keywords that contain both "best", "rank", and "tracker". This enhancement applies to all filters, also in Keyword Discovery, and it also paves the way for some exciting features to come!

In addition, we have split the SERP Feature filter into two - owned features and all features. This makes the filter more flexible. Now, you can for instance filter on all SERPs that contain a local result, and then filter away all those where you already own the local result(s) and thus identify new opportunities for enhancing your visibility!

2023-06-20New Functionality

Added support for tracking SoMe profiles

When you add or edit a domain (or a competitor), it is now possible to also add your company or personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok profiles associated with your domain to track their performance alongside your regular domain name, just as you could already do with your Twitter profile.

You can configure this when adding or editing a domain if you press "Show advanced settings".

2023-06-19Customer Input

Filter by many keywords at the same time

Introducing the Multiple Keywords filter!

Have you ever wanted to take a list of keywords from Excel or Sheets and find all of them instantly in AccuRanker? Or perhaps you've longed for the ability to search for multiple keywords simultaneously? With the Multiple Keywords filter, all this is now possible!

This new filter will streamline tasks such as bulk adding tags or changing keyword settings. Learn more here.

2023-06-16New Functionality

Improved Tag Cloud table

Introducing our enhanced Tag Cloud table.

Key features of the new table include:

  • Virtualization: This advanced feature enables the table to handle an unlimited number of tags and folders without compromising speed. Whether you have a few or an extensive collection, the table will remain lightning fast.

  • Horizontal Scroll with "Sticky Columns": Now you can seamlessly navigate through the table, even when viewing the last columns. The "sticky columns" functionality ensures that as you scroll horizontally, the tags and folders remain visible, allowing you to easily track the data you're viewing.

  • Enhanced Scrollbar Integration: We have integrated the table with the browser's default scrollbar, eliminating the need for a separate scrollbar within the table. This intuitive design improves the scrolling experience within the table, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Experience the convenience and improved performance of our new Tag Cloud table today!

2023-06-06New Functionality

Introducing Enhanced Keyword Discovery: Unlocking New Possibilities

We are thrilled to announce a major facelift of Keyword Discovery. With some exciting new features your keyword research process just got a major boost!

One of the standout enhancements is the ability to explore keywords from competitor sites. Gone are the days of being limited to your own domain(s). Now, you can effortlessly search any domain and location to uncover a treasure trove of related keywords.

To further streamline your keyword exploration journey, we are proud to introduce Quick Actions. This comprehensive collection of frequently used filters enables you to effortlessly refine and filter the discovered keywords. With Quick Actions, finding precisely what you are looking for has never been faster or easier.

2023-06-01Major Release

Revamped Tag Cloud

AccuRanker is excited to announce the launch of our revamped Tag Cloud feature, designed to enhance the organization and analysis of keyword data for large-scale SEO efforts!

With the new Tag Cloud, users can create a hierarchical structure of folders and sub-folders to efficiently track and manage keywords based on different criteria. Each folder and tag in the Tag Cloud offers 17 data points in a table, providing comprehensive aggregate data for all associated keywords.

Additionally, the Tag Cloud allows for easy comparison of folders and tags, enabling users to analyze keyword performance trends and patterns. Experience the power of the enhanced Tag Cloud today and optimize your search engine rankings. Learn more by reading the accompanying blog post and help guide.


Renaming Estimated Visits to AI Share of Voice

In order to accurately represent the underlying metrics, we have changed the name of "Estimated Visits" within the application to "AI Share of Voice". This modification reflects the fact that both metrics provide similar information, but AI Share of Voice utilizes our dynamic CTR model powered by AI, while Share of Voice relies on a static CTR model.

To make this transition seamless, the existing API endpoints continue to exist, but another field "ai_share_of_voice" has been added whereever "estimated_visits" is available. For CSV reports, the header has been renamed to 'AI SoV'

2023-05-24Performance Improvement

Faster loading keyword list

We have made improvements to the loading speed of the keyword list and other tables, resulting in a 20% faster loading time. This enhancement will be particularly noticeable on slower computers.

2023-04-21New Functionality

Local Search Volume now available for Keywords on Google

It is now possible to get search volume and related data such as Share of Voice and Estimated Visits based on local values instead of country values for Google keywords with a specified location. If you would like to enable this feature for existing domains, go to the respective domain settings page and enable it. For more information on how to do this, see the search volume Help Guide. By default, new domains use the account setting that displays local search volume by default. You can toggle back and forth at your convenience. The effect on historical data is immediate.

2023-03-28New Functionality

"Not in top 100" Keywords Average Rank Calculation

You can now easily include keywords that don't rank within the top 100 search results in your average rank calculations. Our latest update lets you do this with a customizable rank value.

To use this feature, simply visit your account settings and toggle on the setting: Include "Not in top 100" rank keywords. This will apply to all domains linked to your account by default. Plus, you can set a custom rank value for these keywords.

If you'd like to adjust the settings for individual domains, just head to the settings tab for the domain you want to change. By default, domains follow the account settings, but you can choose to always enable or disable this feature for a specific domain. You can also set a custom rank value for each domain.

2023-03-06New Functionality

Google Analytics Integration Updated to Support GA4

We're excited to announce that our Google Analytics integration has been updated to support Google Analytics 4 (GA4)!

We wanted to let you know that Google is phasing out Universal Analytics (UA) and replacing it with GA4, so we encourage you to upgrade if you currently have a UA connection.

We've made the upgrade process as easy as possible - if we can identify a GA4 property for your domains, you'll be presented with an option to upgrade all of them at once. If we can't identify a GA4 property for your domains, simply go to the overview page of your domain and click on "Upgrade to GA4."

If you aren't already using our Google Analytics integration, don't worry! We have a step-by-step guide that will show you how to get started.

2023-02-17Performance Improvement

Adding Competitors in a Hurry? No Problem!

After adding or editing a competitor on your domain, new data will be available in ~10 seconds instead of 5-20 minutes.

2023-02-01Customer Input

Import CSV User Experience

AccuRanker supports a broad range of third party rank trackers. This means you can migrate to AccuRanker with no risk to your existing data.

We have worked hard to improve the speed and user experience when importing keywords from other sources.

This includes:

  • An updated user interface
  • Better data previews
  • Vastly improved error messages

Help Guide

2023-01-31New Functionality

Top 10 CTR

By popular demand, we've added the ability to see our AI-based CTR value for the top 10 ranks on the SERP! You can find it in the keyword list by hovering a value in the Max CTR column.

"What is CTR?" blog post

2023-01-30Performance Improvement

Keyword Table Responsiveness

We've tuned the keyword table to load even faster in the browser.

With this change we are targeting the rendering delay, i.e. what the browser does after having fetched data from the server. On a fast computer this was hardly noticeable before. But we want to be the fastest keyword rank tracker and that includes all hardware platforms. So we have tweaked the rendering to reduce the initial rendering load.

2022-12-06New Functionality

CPC Currency

We're excited to announce a new feature that allows you to customize the currency of data like cost-per-click across AccuRanker. You can do this in two different places:

  1. In your Account Settings, you can change the CPC currency setting for all domains on your account.
  2. In your Domain Settings, you can change the CPC currency setting for an individual domain. This will overwrite the account setting for that domain.

Please note that on group views, the account setting will always be used.

2022-11-28New Functionality

Updated Dynamic Competitor Chart

A new and improved dynamic competitor chart when viewing a single keyword! Click a keyword in the keyword list to try it out.

The chart is now available on the same page as the keyword rank history table and the chart loads more data by default.

2022-11-21Major Release

New Overview Page

Introducing the new Overview page for domains and groups!

The Overview has received a major overhaul and is packed with new features.

  • Eight new charts with much-requested data
  • Major updates to nine existing charts
  • Choose which charts to show with the new Edit mode
  • Massive performance improvements. You should see both the page and individual charts load faster than ever
  • Download the data underlying your charts as CSV
  • Major improvement to notes on charts
  • A new and beautiful layout

Learn more about the new overview in our blog post

2022-11-16New Functionality

Improvements to Notes on Charts

All charts outside the overview have received an update to the notes functionality making them much more user-friendly. You can now click a note to see a quick summary, and if there are many notes on top of each other, they will be grouped neatly.

2022-11-02Performance Improvement

Keyword Import and Export Improvements

We've released performance enhancements and new features for keyword import and export (i.e. generated reports).

When exporting, we now include the field extra ranks - which contains data if your domain is ranking multiple times for the same keyword.

When importing, we now also support extra ranks in two ways: either by reading from the extra ranks field or by detecting extra ranks from multiple rows.

Import performance has also been improved, with an especially noticeable impact when dealing with very large imports. In addition, we've improved the feedback messages when attempting to import a file with errors, so the errors are much easier to correct.

2022-11-01New Functionality

Search Volume - Historical data in API & Looker Studio

Using our API, it's now possible to read historical search volume up to 3 years back for each keyword!

Please see our API documentation for more information.

This data is also accessible on our connector for Looker Studio (recently renamed from Google Data Studio) as the following new fields:

  • Date [Keyword Search Volume]
  • Search volume [Keyword Search Volume]
2022-10-20Major Release

Organic Site Explorer Table Mode

Introducing table view for Organic Site Explorer providing an unprecedented overview of your domain!

See the updated help guide for Organic Site Explorer.

2022-10-12Performance Improvement

Even More Speed and Performance Improvements

Adding additional improvements on top of our recent work on making AccuRanker faster than ever.

The last month's releases have decreased the average load time to 1/3 of what it was before

2022-10-03Major Release

Major Speed & Performance Improvements

Our engineers have once again been hard at work on increasing the AccuRanker speed and performance. Major improvements have been made!

  • The Keyword list now loads 3 times faster
  • Keywords endpoint in API is now 5 times faster
  • Keyword history and keyword discovery tables loads twice as fast
  • Competitor tab includes all competitor's history by default and loads 10+ times faster
2022-10-03New Functionality

Improved Google Data Studio Integration

Our Google Data Studio Partner Connector now includes the following fields where applicable

  • Dynamic CTR and Dynamic CTR max
  • Dynamic tags
  • Estimated visits
  • Search intent
  • Above the fold
2022-09-29Performance Improvement

Overview Page Performance Improvements

The Overview page now loads up to 3 times faster

2022-09-22New Functionality

Search Intent Added to API

You can now get the search intent for each of your keywords through our API.

2022-09-22New Functionality

Keywords Page Sorting

Order by traffic value (SoV$) for the keyword list

2022-09-21Major Release

Search Intent

Introducing Search Intent.

All keywords - both tracked and untracked - are now labelled according to searcher's intent in AccuRanker.

Read more


2022-09-21New Functionality

Add "Add tag" Option to When You Create a Note

You can now optionally add tags whenever you create a note.

2022-09-20New Functionality

Keyword Discovery Auto Selection Behavior

Changes in user experience regarding selection behavior on the Keyword Discovery page

2022-09-14New Functionality

API: "Above the fold" on Domain

We have added "Above the fold" to the domains field in our API

API documentation

2022-09-13New Functionality

Multiple Google Business Names

We've made it possible to associate more than just one Google Business Name to a domain in AccuRanker

2022-09-05Bug Fix

Better Support for Multiple Browser Tabs

This solves several problems related to fetching updates in the background when you have AccuRanker open in multiple browser tabs.

2022-08-30New Functionality

Keyword Overuse Specification on Invoice

2022-08-26New Functionality

Google Data Studio: Partner Connector

We are proud to announce that our Google Data Studio connector has been approved by Google as a Partner Connector.

Google's Data Studio Connector Gallery

2022-08-23New Functionality

Reports for Competitor View

Our Competitor page now offers a "Download Report" option so you can download and work with your competitor data offline

2022-08-11New Functionality

Average Rank in the Competitor and Tag Cloud pages

We've added Average Rank columns in both the Competitor and Tag Cloud pages

2022-07-11New Functionality

CPC Values in PDF Reports

We've added Cost Per Click - or CPC for short - to reports. Both

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV
2022-06-30Customer Input

Improved Import of Keywords from Keyword Discovery

Changes to the Keyword Discovery page: Based on valuable feedback from our users we have improved the user experience when importing keywords

2022-06-14New Functionality

Yandex & Baidu Keywords

Unfortunately we have had to remove support for adding new Yandex and Baidu keywords. We will continue to monitor existing keywords on those two search engines, but with reduced functionality.

2022-06-13Performance Improvement

Better Support for Subdomains

Vastly improved experience for subdomains in Keyword Discovery and in Organic Site Explorer

2022-06-02Major Release

Dynamic CTR

We are happy to introduce Dynamic CTR. A industry leading approach to calculating Click Through Rate for keywords using our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm.

Read more

2022-06-02Performance Improvement

Improved Support for Keyboard Shortcuts

We love our users and try hard to make the everyday experience of using our rank tracker as smooth as possible. Part of a great user experience is good keyboard shortcuts and documentation of those.

2022-04-05Performance Improvement

Reports: Performance Improvements

We've tuned our engines for increased speed when we generate reports

2022-03-23New Functionality

Show Share of Voice in Keyword Discovery

Share of Voice (SoV) is a key metrics when doing keyword research. So we've added SoV as a column in our Keyword Discovery tool.

2022-02-01Major Release

Dynamic Tags

Introducing dynamic rules for tagging.

Dynamic tagging is a powerful tool for segmentation of your keywords.

Help guide article

2022-01-26Major Release

Organic Site Explorer

Introducing an unparalleled overview of your site and the competitors for each of your landing pages!

Help guide article

2022-01-26Major Release

Keyword Discovery

Years in the making, its finally here! A filterable multi-billion keyword database allows you to see which keywords AccuRanker has discovered for your domain.

Help guide article

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